ART SECTION                    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1989


Gary Zemialkowski

The Deniels Art Gallery recently inaugurated a brilliant exhibition by world renown artist Eric Genao. The exhibition, which is titled, “497 AÑOS DESPUES” or “497 YEARS LATER”, will be on display as something posthumous about Genao. However Eric Genao is alive and wall and quite invigorating with the simplicity of the art he presents.

“497 YEARS LATER” is a reference to the arrival or the Spaniards to the New World. 497 years ago the Spanish came to conquer the New World and in the process destroyed the native Taino culture which quite peacefully inhabited this island. Eric Genao who has always had an intense cultural interest, revives the extinct Taino culture in this works.

In this production Genao stresses the simplicity of the Taino Indians and their culture. The figures, in most cases, with only three digits of all extremities being represented, are faithful to their original Taino ancestors. Genoa has found the way to communicate the interesting connection between the distant past and the modern day without distorting neither the art not his own distinct style, always maintaining the harmonious integrity in his personal style and trademark.

Eric Genao also stresses the interesting significance of the number three and the trident formations of the Taino figures. As Pythagoras categorized the number three as the perfect number, Genoa recognizes the importance of the trident. This symbol of power and authority pervades his art in each piece of work.

Three also has significance in the Trinity, being the there parts of holy divinity Father.